A-Check Global
Instant Access to a World of Information

A-Check Global Is a Complete Source for:

  • Background Screening
  • Drug Screening
  • 24- to 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Competitive, Adjustable Pricing
  • Customized Online Invoicing
  • Online Access with A-Check Direct™

Communication: The Cornerstone of Our Service

Companies researching potential employees want a screening service that performs more than the background checks and drug screens of a traditional information provider. A-Check Global is the comprehensive screening solution that gives clients more by keeping them informed throughout the entire screening process. Organizations that value open lines of quality communication partner with A-Check for reliable data that informs and empowers. A-Check also delivers a greater level of detail in communicating, providing consistent status updates to give businesses direct access to data and help them analyze and manage it.

Quick and Convenient Solutions

The technology that businesses rely on for background check information must provide them with quick solutions. A-Check simultaneously maintains a secure system and offers the fast, convenient solutions companies seek. Our interactive system communicates with credit bureaus, and accesses states' driving, civil, and criminal records to provide clients with dependable knowledge. Combined with our unique focus on constant communication, A-Check's technology helps reduce your company's risks and liabilities by supplying timely solutions.

The Ability and Flexibility to Serve Your Information Needs

Screening and informational needs vary, and businesses want a service that has both the ability and the resources to provide specialized solutions. A-Check Global offers solutions that empower clients to make informed decisions. Special packages are designed for clients' background needs as well as developing informational concerns. Although A-Check works with large and small accounts, we treat them all as if they are large, and pricing is adjusted for greater volume. As a full-service provider, A-Check realizes that your business requires specific information before you make decisions, and we have the flexibility to address your unique concerns.

Access a World of Information Tailored to Your Unique Needs

  • Stay Informed Throughout the Information-Gathering Process
  • Receive Accurate, Detailed Information Specific to Your Needs
  • Maintain Open Lines of Communication to Empower Your Business
  • Work with a Dependable MIS Department to Reduce Risks
  • Protect Your Information with Secure Systems

  • Largest US Staffing Firm 2018