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ACT•1 has been performing as a direct-hire and temporary staffing agency since 1978. ACT•1 has become the largest certified woman-minority-owned staffing and e-business workforce management firm in the United States, with more than 70 branches located nationwide.

  • Qualified Candidates - Each ACT•1 quality staffing solution starts with our proactive recruitment process and continues through job screening, evaluations, employer references, and computerized testing. After individually assessing each candidate one-on-one, we send only qualified employees who match your job requirements.
  • Professional Staff - ACT•1 staffing professionals specialize in developing a comprehensive understanding of your employment practices and customizing our services to fit your company's needs.
  • Performance Guarantee - We are proud to celebrate more than 24 years of growth as an industry leader. Your satisfaction is our first goal and is backed by our unconditional guarantee.

ACT•1 is the complete, single point of contact for all your contingent workforce management needs

  • 30-Minute Response - When you request a temporary placement, our staffing professionals will call within 30 minutes to confirm that your job order has been filled or provide you with a progress report.
  • 24-Hour Contact - Our on-call service guarantees that our staffing managers are always ready to respond to any after-hours staffing situation that may develop.
  • Associates Benefits Package - To promote greater placement success, we offer an exceptional benefits package that has helped us earn a 92% retention rate, thanks to our satisfied employees and clients.
  • Managed Services - A complete, single point of contact for all your contingent workforce management needs. Your entire process, from recruiting your temporary workforce to coordinating your staffing vendor pool, is implemented through Web-based requisitioning, on-site or off-site coordinators, online management reports with diversity management, pay rate management, consolidated billing, and investigation of co-employment issues.
  • ISO-Certified - ACT•1's corporate office is ISO-certified and adheres to strict, internationally recognized guidelines of quality and process development. All ISO-certified ACT•1 locations use the same ISO-approved business model. ACT•1's ISO certification assures you that ACT•1 maintains a consistent, repeatable process for the engagement and management of temporary workers.
  • Largest US Staffing Firm 2018